DSSG Fall 2011

Fall 2011

During made this period the Diplomatic Society has made significant advances in its goals
towards global recognition of the Society.

These include joining the NGO CICC Committee for an International
Court of Criminal Justice http://www.icc-cpi.int/ and the NGO committee for the
R2P Responsibility To Protect http://www.responsibiltytoprotect.org initative.

Also during this period
The Society has added represenatives with websites at the Hague,
Brussels,Washington, DC, Latin America, Africa as well as existing representatives in the United Nations communities in New York, Geneva and Bangkok.

Anton Lutter , DSSG representative to the Netherlands attended
meetings with the German and Dutch Foreign Ministers and the Chairman of the Interamerican Drug Abuse Organization.

Ambassador Jesus Domingo attended the meeting of the Royal Brotherhood of St Michael of the Wing est. 1140 A.D.

attended by H.R.H. Duke of Braganza in Portugal

Latin American Envoy LaMatine Hollanda meets with iPresident Dilma of Brazil

Latin American Envoy LaMatine Hollanda meets with iPresident Dilma of Brazil

DSSG member Arnold Foote meets with His Holiness

DSSG member Arnold Foote meets with His Holiness

Tools ‹ The Diplomatic Society — WordPress

Tools ‹ The Diplomatic Society — WordPress.

Meeting with Cardinal Rosales in Manila

Meeting with Cardinal Rosales of Manila

Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel

Latin American Envoy LaMatine Hollanda meeting with President of Brazil SilvaBishop awarded Bishop Anthony Francis Sharma, S.J.Vicar Apostolic of NepalTitular Bishop of Gigthi has joined the Society,
The MI International Assembly was held in Rome at the Seraphicum, the International Theologate of the Conventual Franciscans. Members of the MI from all over the world attended the meeting which was held Oct 11 – …15, 2010. elected our Spritual director as Vice President – Fr. Patrick Greenough (USA)

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